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Nothing is quite as beautiful as smooth, clear skin and a glowing complexion. Unfortunately, as you age, your skin produces less collagen and elastin, the two main proteins that help it retain its shape and firmness. At Horizons Family Practice in Newark, Delaware, Julio Navarro, MD and his team use noninvasive fractional laser technology to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and tighten loose, saggy skin. If you’re ready to revitalize your appearance, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Fractional Laser Treatment Q & A

What is fractional laser resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is considered the gold-standard treatment for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, tightening visible pores, and improving skin tone and texture.  

Dr. Navarro and his team use the Icon™ Aesthetic System by CynoSure®, a fractional, non-ablative device that works by delivering precise, rapid-pulse beams of light deep into the dermis of your skin to trigger collagen and elastin renewal and decrease tissue laxity. The Icon’s focused microbeams of energy penetrate more deeply than other fractional lasers, giving you better, longer-lasting results.

Icon fractional laser skin resurfacing is also less invasive and requires less recovery time between sessions than ablative laser treatments, which stimulate intense collagen renewal by removing the topmost layer of skin.

How can fractional laser resurfacing help me?

While fractional laser skin resurfacing won’t completely erase every imperfection, it can correct or significantly improve the appearance of a variety of common skin conditions, including:

  • Blotchy, uneven skin tone or texture
  • Leathery, sun-damaged skin
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Age spots, or hyperpigmentation
  • Rosacea, capillaries, and spider veins
  • Surfaces scars, including acne scars

Although fractional laser resurfacing is most commonly used to treat facial skin, it can be used to rejuvenate the skin on virtually any area of your body, including your neck, chest, back, and hands.

How many fractional laser treatments will I need?

Although you can expect to see beautiful, more uniform-looking skin after just one fractional laser treatment, most people require multiple sessions scheduled over the course of several weeks to get complete results.

Because fractional laser technology harnesses your body’s corrective mechanisms to achieve results, undergoing several well-spaced sessions is the best way to stimulate a more continuous and enduring collagen remodeling process. Depending on your goals, you may need anywhere from two to four sessions to see smoother, tighter skin with fewer visible flaws.

As fresh collagen and elastin continue to build up over the course of two or three months, your results will become increasingly evident. You can further optimize your results and increase the amount of time between maintenance treatments by eating a nutritious diet and protecting your skin from the sun.

To find out how fractional laser treatments can improve your skin, call Horizons Family Practice or schedule an appointment online today.

*Individual results may vary